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Watch the Daily Fast Devotionals

I believe the power of fasting, as it relates to prayer, is the spiritual atomic bomb that our Lord has given us to destroy the strongholds of evil and usher in a great revival and spiritual harvest.

Should I prepare spiritually for my fast?

Before beginning, spend time with the Lord to plan it out. A biblical fast should always begin with the right motive. Fasting is a time of Spirit-led self-examination and preparation. It is a time to re-focus on the will and things of God. Fasting is not an approach to manipulate, or to earn God’s favor. Instead, fasting submits ones heart, soul, and mind to God’s will and it reminds the person of their full reliance on God for every need. It's okay to approach fasting with specific needs that you are seeking God to move in, but remember, fasting postures your heart to respond to God's will. Fasting is mostly about PRESENCE.

Should I prepare physically for my fast?

If you plan on fasting for several days, it is important to prepare your body. Eat smaller meals leading up to the first day, and do not consume a large meal right before.

What physical effects should I expect while fasting?

It is normal to feel hungry during the first three days of fasting regardless if a full fast, partial, or Daniel fast. Your body will certainly crave the things it is used to consuming. You might feel more tired than normal and could feel lightheaded. Drinking lots of water will help offset the hunger pains. Headaches may be a side effect due to lack of caffeine and sugar, so removing these things a couple of days prior will prevent it.

Disclaimer: If you have any underlying medical problem, or if you’re considering a water only fast, please consult your physician BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR FAST.

Let us join our hearts to Jesus through the Holy Spirit by dying to self in this time of fasting. And may HE be seen, experienced, and lifted high through these 21 days!

Serving Him with you,


Fasting and Meal Guide Download

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